Registered charity supporting Wood RecyclAbility to provide opportunities for adults with extra needs and positive change through waste management and recycling

The People We Support

Wood RecyclAbility supports adults with additional support needs by providing a place where they are treated with respect and have opportunities to make true friends and learn skills. For these adults, Wood RecyclAbility offers them a second home.

One of our trainers
One of our trainers
Volunteer opportunities available
Volunteer and Trainer
Volunteer and Trainer
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Volunteer and Trainer
Volunteer and Trainer
Passion and commitment to humanity

The only reason we're here is for them, they're the reason we turn up every morning"

-Brian Reid (General Manager, Wood RecyclAbility)

We cater to 35 individuals, and counting, who face varying challenges. At Wood RecyclAbility, they're provided with a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment that gives them life skills and positively impacts their outlook on life.

This place is really amazing for people that have got learning difficulties, learning new skills and being shown different things like how to use power tools."

Andrew (Trainee)

I’ve been here for about eighteen years and I love to come here. I love my job. The staff are lovely and my boss is the best in the world. I’ve made a lot of friends here and all my friends are nice.”

Neil (Trainee)

Liam (Trainee)

I’ve been here about a year, and I come Mondays through Thursdays. I have made a lot of friends here and have become more confident in the things I do in life. It’s fulfilling being here.”

‘Friendship’ was a word that resonated with all the trainees in speaking about their experience being at Wood RecyclAbility. At Friends of Wood RecyclAbility, this is what we’re about—raising friends to support the work at Wood RecyclAbility to ensure its long-term viability. The recent pandemic may have slowed things down but we’re not giving up, and with your support we don’t have to.

We invite you to join us today by subscribing to one of our membership levels or simply make a donation.

With your contributions, we can provide more opportunities for adults with additional needs while promoting sustainability through waste management eco-friendly practices.

You can also join our team of volunteers at Wood RecyclAbility. Our volunteers and trainers show inspiring zeal and unflinching dedication to supporting the cause at Wood RecyclAbility, for them, fulfilment is in seeing the trainees happy.

Alistair (Volunteer & Trainer)

I’ve been here for almost three years. I’m an electrician and I also do woodwork. Being here gives me a sense of achievement and appreciation for life. It’s a lot of good feelings being here.”

I’ve been here four years and I come five days a week. I work as a joiner and organise jobs for trainees and members of staff. There’s always something new happening here every day when the trainees come. I enjoy being here and working with them, seeing them happy makes us happy"

Eric (Employee & Trainee)

Both Eric and Alistair work at Wood RecyclAbility, they are some of the few hands helping with the trainees and supporting the work at Wood RecyclAbility. You can sign up today to be a volunteer too! There’s a place for everyone at Wood RecyclAbility. Contact us today by filling the form below.


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